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Februari 2010

We take part on the following international fairs:

Eisenwarenmesse 2010 Germany

Nordbygg 2010 Sweden

April 2008

Next to casters and wheels we can also supply you out of Asia (very) big quantities parts.
We can supply you these parts against very competitive price/quality levels.

We mention parts like:

1.     Aluminium (formwork and extrusion)
2.     Steel parts (machined, punched/ stamped, forged or moulded.
3.     Plastic moulding in all colours or shapes like Thermoplastic Rubber, Nylon PA 6 or 6.6, Polypropylene and so on.

We take care due mixing of your and all our orders to one shipment that the transport costs keep acceptable.

If we do something we like to do it well, therefore we still work hard on this website.

Would you keep being informed, click then here to take contact, leaving your name, Company name and Address will be enough.

March 2008

Our website is renewed and has a new jacked.
The new website is developed for easier and better overview.
Any remarks or tips about our renewed website you can leave at contact.